Reading List

This weeks's Show Us Your Life topic at Kelly's is book lists. 
In the fall, I read Radical by David Platt.  If you haven't read this yet, it is amazing. 

Apparently, I live under a rock because until this week I wasn't aware that he had written another book, Radical Together.  Can't wait to read it. 

A friend recommended Modern Parents, Vintage Values to me this week.  Sounds great.

When I was in the hospital on bedrest last summer, I read like crazy.  What else is there to do when you are stuck in bed for 3 weeks.  Here is that post for some of my favorite books.

In keeping with the book theme, our school's librarian asked the kids to bring a favorite book and dress up like the character in the story to celebrate National Library Week.

B chose Caps for Sale by Espher Slobodkina

AC chose The Twelve Dancing Princesses, the Barbie version.... any opportunity to wear this costume to school ,yet again.

Can't wit to read everyone's lists!