A Field Trip and Resurrection Rolls

Today the babies and I went with Brian and his class on a  field trip to a retirement community.  It's times like these that I'm happy with our decision to have AC and B in seperate classes, but don't ask how I feel about it when both classes have things going on at the same time or when I'm trying to keep homework assignments straight between the two classes.
Brian and his sweet friend, Beckah Grace

The kids made resurrection rolls with the residents.  They are basically marshmallows dipped in melted butter. cinnamon ,and sugar.  Then wrap the marshmellows in crescent dough and bake.  The marshmallow melts when baked and becomes hollow to represent that Jesus's tomb was empty on Easter morning.  I found the recipe here.

The women were so sweet and patient with the kids. 

The class also sang and read aloud.

This was slightly nerve-wracking to watch, but there were no injuries....

And then, my camera battery died.  I think I might need to invest in a second battery or maybe just remember to charge the one I have. 
Anyway, the kids had a Easter egg hunt in the lawn and then we went to a bounce house to play and eat lunch.  I wish I could bottle up the teachers B has had this year.  They are so loving to these kids and truly enjoy being with them.....everything a parent could ask for.