Kite Flying

I love playing outside with the kids.  I look forward to afternoons when we have no activities or obligations and can just play in the yard.

However, I really do not like flying kites.  My reason being it usually requires an engineering degree to be able to put them together and I lack the patience and skill to actually get the things in the air.

AC and B, of course, love it.

After much begging, we got the kites out this afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised.....they have now reached an age that they can fly them with very little assistance from me.....yay!!

LJ and MC loved watching them...LJ clapped for them every time they ran by....

MC got bored and decided she would check out and taste the grass.


Andrea said...

I miss all that baby chubbiness! Too sweet!

Unknown said...

I know!! The chubbiness is my favorite!