Last night Anna Cate and attended the Father-Daughter Dance at our school- their second in a few months.  She loves getting dressed up and having her Daddy all to herself for the night.

Brian and I had a date at home- take-out Olive Garden and hours of Super Mario Brothers.  Who knew all of the hours I logged on the Nintendo during my teen years would be a bonding tool with my son?  He loves that I know the "language" of the game!

This evening I took AC and B to a friend's birthday party from school....we all had the best time and now I want to live on a farm.    

The poor geese being terrorized by 30 hyper 6 year olds

Anna Cate and her friends fished for hours.

Love this girl who never flinches at putting a worm on the hook (I almost passed out) and then strikes this pose with her catch!

Brian never left the paddle boat and spent the longest time playing with baby chicks.