B has always been "my" boy.  If he had a problem or needed help with something, he would ask for me.
In the past few months, thing have changed.  He has become T's shadow and seeks his advice on everything...from the type of pajamas "men" sleep in to the fairness of the lady's go first rule . 
As much as I love to see the bond between them grow and I know this is an important time for that to happen, I will have to admit it makes me a little sad because I know this means he is reaching a new milestone.
AC talks frequently about the man she will marry....we pray for him, we wonder what color hair he has...she has even asked T to buy our neighbors house if it goes on the market so she can live there with her husband (and, according to her, so I can babysit her 7 babies while she goes to her meetings)
Up until recently, Brian has always been a uninterested in talking about the wife God is making for him.  Tonight when we were saying his prayers and I asked him what he wanted to pray about, he said, "I'm going to pray for my wifes. (Yes, wifes.  He means wife- singular.  I asked)  I want her to be just like you, but more fun."